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45 organisations will present their work at Solidariun'15, the workshop of solidarity and volunteer activities of the University.

The Library Service of the center will receive the IX award Solidariun for its involvement with the volunteer activities of Tantaka and with Tantaka Inclusion.

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Solidariun 2013 PHOTO: Manuel Castells
21/09/15 16:26 Chus Cantalapiedra

The University of Navarra will celebrate on Wednesday, September 23 its traditional workshop Solidariun, dedicated to solidarity and volunteer activities. In this edition, 45 associations and solidarity organizations of Navarra will participate. From 10 a.m. until 1 p.m., students and professionals of the academic center, as well as citizens of Pamplona, will be able to learn first-hand about the work that these associations carry out.

At 1 p.m. there will be a roundtable with the participation of several international cooperation volunteers, who will talk about their experience in different countries: Mª Victoria Pérez Cavia, Inés Barragán, Josep Mª Nicolás Bellot, Marisa Caprile and Carmen Irutita.

The latter began her international solidarity work in 1996 in Bolivia, where she taught sewing to fifteen indigenous women. In 2000, this 63-year-old mother of three went to El Salvador for two months, where she trained more than a hundred people with six sewing machines brought from Pamplona and sewing materials obtained through various collections.

After the roundtable, at 13.45 h. in the classroom Magna of Central Building, will be submission of the IX award Solidariun, which has been awarded to the Library Service of the University of Navarra for its involvement in the Tantaka volunteer activities and with Tantaka Inclusion.

At 2 p.m. there will be a solidarity paella, whose benefits will be used to finance the project Tegucigalpa, of the Archbishopric of Pamplona, which financial aid to children and young people in Honduras. Those interested in participating can purchase their ticket, for 5€, at the Tantaka Office at Central Building.

award Lacturale to the account that tweets the most

Tantaka's Twitter account, @tantakaunav, will narrate throughout the day what is happening, through the label #soysolidariun. In addition, Tantaka and Lacturale want to reward the people who are most involved in publicizing the workshop. Therefore, among all the accounts that until the day before Solidariun have spread messages with the label #solidariun15, will be awarded to the one that has launched more messages. The administrator of this account will win its weight in Lacturale milk, which will be donated to the dining room Paris 365.