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More than a thousand people and fifty associations participate in Solidariun 15, the University's solidarity workshop

The IX edition of the award Solidariun has been awarded to the Library Service for its involvement in the volunteer activities of Tantaka and Tantaka Inclusion.

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More than 1000 people participated in Solidariun 15 PHOTO: Manuel Castells
23/09/15 17:13 Chus Cantalapiedra

More than a thousand people and fifty associations have participated in Solidariun 15, the University of Navarra's solidarity workshop

The Library Service of the academic center has been the winner of the ninth edition of the award Solidariun. Victor Sanz, director of the Service, collected the award from the hands of Vice President of Students, Tomás Gómez-Acebo.         

According to Sofía Collantes, coordinator of Tantaka, the academic center's Time Bank, the award has been awarded for her involvement in Tantaka's volunteer activities and Tantaka Inclusion. "They are a reference letter of things well done at volunteer activities", she emphasized. The Library Service has collaborated with the organization of workshops such as reading, basketball and sewing, as well as with donations amounting to more than 1,500 books.

The workshop of Solidariun also hosted a roundtable with the participation of several volunteers who shared their experiences in different countries: Carmen Irurita, Mª Victoria Pérez Cavia, Inés Barragán, Josep Mª Nicolás Bellot and Marisa Caprile.

400 people at the solidarity paella

This was followed by a solidarity paella in which more than 400 people participated. Each paella ticket cost 5 euros, 3 of which will go to finance the project Tegucigalpa of the Archbishopric of Pamplona and Tudela.

In addition, Salomé Eslava, of the Science Library, has been the winner of the award Lacturale, awarded to the administrator of the Twitter account that has spread more messages with the label #solidariun15. The aforementioned business dairy will donate to the Paris 365 soup kitchen as many liters of milk as kilos weighed by the administrator.