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The School of Philosophy and Letters celebrates the graduation of 79 students.

Accompanied by family and friends, the event took place at the University of Navarra Museum.


The students who are finishing their programs of study this year at School of Philosophy and Letters of the University have celebrated their graduation ceremony. They belong to the LXVI promotion of Degree in History; the LXI promotion of Degree in Philosophy; the LVIII promotion of Degree in Philology Hispánica; the XXVII promotion of Degree in Humanities; the IV promotion of Degree in Literature and Creative Writing (LEC); and the III promotion of Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE).

The event, which took place on May 18 at the Museo Universidad de Navarra, was attended by family, friends, members of academic staff and other professionals from School. They were also accompanied by their sponsors: Ricardo Fernández Gracia (History), Julia Urabayen (Philosophy), Carmen Llamas (Philology), Carolina Montoro (Humanities), Carmen Pinillos (LEC) and Jaume Aurell (PPE).

The event, chaired by the dean of the School, Julia Pavón, began with the intervention of Izaro Díaz Manso, from Degree at Philology , who spoke on behalf of the students. In her speech, she expressed her gratitude to professors and mentors, for their involvement, not only in her academic growth, but also staff: "You have shared with us everything you are passionate about and you have made us true humanists. You are what we want to imitate, the reason why we leave this University as better people".

For her part, Professor Carmen Pinillos spoke on behalf of the sponsors. As she stated, the students, throughout their programs of study, "have learned to think critically, to analyze texts and to express their ideas clearly and persuasively. They have discovered the beauty of literature, the richness of history and the importance of Philosophy in our society; they have broadened their horizons and developed a unique perspective on the world around them. Now, as they graduate, they are ready to face new challenges and continue to explore their passion for knowledge." He also invited them to always remember "the importance of continuing to learn, to remain open to new ideas and to never stop questioning the world around them."

submission After the awarding of diplomas, Julia Pavón, dean of School, took the floor. In her speech, she made a special accredited specialization to the 70 professors of the faculty. As she pointed out, "all of them aspire to share (with their personal styles) the love of truth, the defense of freedom and the desire to serve others". He thanked them "who with their mental alertness, vitality staff and capacity for judgment and conscience have tried to open you to the newness of the future, away from the game of manipulation of reality, avoiding pathological ignorance and constant attempts to program human beings even in their free time".