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Sodexo, Isimar and Herper award the best sustainable and inclusive proposals of the students of design of the University.

Among the proposals of the students of the School of Architecture are an inclusive website or a system to make vending machines accessible.

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Students of 4th grade of design awarded PHOTO: Manuel Castells
27/11/20 16:50 Laura Juampérez

Ana Serrano, María Valeria Delgadillo, Ainhoa García, Teresa Ramos, María Rodríguez, Tasio Ranz, Aintzane Huarte and Blanca Terol - 4th year students of the Degree in design of the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra - carried out a series of projects of design Circular (in the framework of the subject Circular Design) awarded by the companies Herper -fashion-, Isimar -furniture- and Sodexo -restaurant- with gift products and the possibility to carry out the final works of Degree in their companies.

Some of the students' work consisted of inclusive websites, backpacks for people with mobility -awarded by Herper-; a service for children's dining rooms with a tray that promotes healthy portions and is accessible for children with mobility ; a system to make vending machines accessible to people with different disabilities; and a guided system for cafeterias useful for people with visual disabilities -awarded by Sodexo-; and a series of accessories to improve the inclusivity of their chairs.