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Jobteaser + UNAV

Jobteaser + UNAV

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We have partnered with Jobteaser, portal , a leading international first job provider, to offer all students and graduates of the University of Navarra more opportunities for their professional careers. University of Navarra more opportunities for the development of their professional careers.

At the University of Navarra's Jobteaser Career Center you will find national and international job offers and internships, advice and information about companies in all sectors to successfully start your first work experience or continue to grow in your professional career.

In addition, you will be able to participate in webinars and other events organised with companies.

How do I start using Jobteaser?

The process is very simple. Just log in to the Career Center on JobTeaser and create a profile with your University email address (Username@alumni.unav.es) and a password (different from your alumni credentials). Don't have your university e-mail account active? No problem, write an e-mail to 2992@unav.es (University IT services) to reactivate it.

Once you have registered on JobTeaser, if you want offers to come to you instead of you having to search for them, you can activate the "Shortlist status" on your profile . Shortlist offers you several advantages: you can choose whether you would like a business to contact you or not when they see that your profile matches their offer; you will be one of the recruiter's first choices; and you will receive those opportunities that match your skills and expectations.

Jobteaser + UNAV

Webinars and tips to improve your employability

Become the best candidate thanks to the webinars you will find in JobTeaser's Career Center. You can also find tips and guidelines to improve your employability on their blog.

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