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What do I have to do if I want to study one of the degrees offered by School of Sciences?
To study one of our Degrees (Biology, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry or Biochemistry) or double Degrees (Biology + Environmental Sciences or Chemistry + Biochemistry), you must apply for admission atapply for .

First of all, it is necessary to register at Portal miUnav. Once inside the portal, all the necessary documentation is included and attached through the same form.

And do I have to do an admission test ?
Yes, during the course there are several dates on which you can take the test admission test.


Admission tests are held throughout the academic year. Admission deadlines can be found at the University of Navarra Admissions Service.

On the day of the admission test an Information and Open Doors workshop of the School of Sciences will be held in parallel, aimed at mothers, fathers and accompanying persons of the applicants to the Degrees and double Degrees.

The test for admission consists of two parts:

1) Academic part. General knowledge of the high school diploma through 60 questions subject test. Contents of Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics.

2) English. Questions subject test to assess the applicant's knowledge and level of English. It is particularly relevant for students applying to:

The duration of the admission test will be approximately two hours and average.

As Mathematics and Physics are the two first-year subjects of great importance to establish the instructions of future scientists, the School of Sciences offers its prospective students the syllabus that is considered necessary to have reviewed before starting the first year to face these two subjects successfully.

- Physics syllabus (PDF)

- Mathematics syllabus (PDF)

In order to start your Degree in the best possible way you can visit our introductory subjects and Zero Course.

If you have completed the application of Admissions Office, you have taken the tests of Admissions Office and you are admitted by the School of Sciences, having received your letter of admission, then you will be able to do the enrollment online from the website of the University of Navarra.

For further information, please contact Santiago Caireta(

Dates for enrollment for the academic year 2021-2022

  • Students admitted for 1st year: from 11 June to 3 July.

  • Upper year students:
    - if they have C everything in the ordinary call in May: from 15 to 30 June.
    - if they have not C: from 20 to 7 August.

  • Master's students: from 15 July.

  • PhD students: from 1 to 9 September (those who are going to be PIF, from 1 July).

  • New students from higher courses: from 1 to 11 September.


contact with the School

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