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Tecnun's International Office service offers student the possibility of studying abroad, either to complete the project final master's degree or to obtain the double master's degree.

Tecnun has 15 collaboration agreements to carry out the Master's Thesis at International Universities.

enquiry here are the countries and universities where you can take the project Final Master's Degree (PFM) at laboratory at a foreign university or at which universities you can take a double master's degree (MSc).


Tecnun offers its students of the Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering the possibility of obtaining a double master's degree. 

Students take a Master's degree at another Tecnun partner university for one year, including the completion of the project Final Master's Degree. The same PFM is defended and recognised in both programmes and, with an extra semester over the normal duration of the Master's degree, in addition to the Tecnun Master's degree in Industrial Engineering, students obtain an international Master's degree at a foreign university associated with Tecnun.

The university where you can do this pathway "Double Master" is the University of Houston:

  • Master of Science (MS) in Engineering Technology - Computational Health Informatics Track