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Michael Oyugui, Kenyan Ambassador to Spain: "Without peace and security, there is no progress and there is no country development

The African leader visited the University of Navarra to participate in a new edition of the Africa Summit.

PhotoManuelCastells/Ambassador Oyugi, accompanied by the Vice President of Students and International Relations, Rosalía Baena, and the dean of the School of Law, Mercedes Galán.

19 | 10 | 2023

Different experts met at quotation at the University of Navarra to analyze Africa from a multidisciplinary perspective: political, economic and social. It was in a new edition of the Africa Summit organized by the Degree of International Relations of the School of Law. The forum addressed, among other issues, Spain's economic and trade relations with the African continent; the international experience of companies such as GB Food, the migratory movement and Spain's foreign policy in Africa or the Sahel status . 

The Africa Summit began with a keynote address by the Kenyan Ambassador to Spain, Michael Oyugi, visit . Oyugi gave a session with third year students of Degree of International Relations. He spoke about the strengths of Kenyan foreign policy and diplomacy, conditioned by its geographic status on the continent and which, as he explained, is articulated in five pillars core topic: peace and security, "without them there is no progress or development of a country," he added. The ambassador, who presented Kenya as the "great mediator of Africa", spoke of the diasporas and then addressed the Economics, the protection and defense of the environment and culture.

Accompanied by the professor and director of the department of International Relations of the School of Law, Gonzalo Villalta, Oyugi also referred to Kenya's relations with the United States, the EU and at the request of the students, gave several tips on the diplomatic professional degree program .

The Africa Summit continued with the visit of Ana de Vicente, SG Mediterranean Countries, Africa and Middle East of the General Administration of International Trade and Investments, of the administrative office of State of Commerce of the Government of Spain, who analyzed the economic and commercial relations of Spain with the African continent. In this regard, he pointed out that much progress has been made during the last ten years but that there is still room for improvement so that the presence of Spanish companies in Africa is greater. "Between 2000 and 2022 Spain has doubled its exports to Africa. It is true that the vast majority are concentrated in northern countries: of the 21,000 million exported in 2022, 11,000, corresponded to transactions with Morocco," he explained. 

Ana de Vicente advocated that Spanish SMEs should rely on their North African partners to increase their presence in the west and south of the continent. She has placed Nigeria and South Africa, as the main emerging economies, in her sights. "Of the total investments that Spain has in the world, 2% corresponds to Africa", he pointed out. 

"If you want to do business in Africa, feel African."

Eduardo Mesegue, director Institutional Relations of GB Foods, business creator of Gallina Blanca and Avecrem in Spain, which manages in Africa the brands Jumbo, Jago, Bama, Gino, ... of tomato, mayonnaise, flavoring, sauces, ready meals, pasta and rice, among other products, explained to the students the business trajectory of group on the African continent.

With factories in Algeria, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and Mali, Mesegue shared, the strengths the continent has to offer and also the obstacles to overcome. "If you want to do business in Africa, feel African," he said. Mesegué insisted that talent exists in Africa and that it is necessary to offer tools to the local population to develop business opportunities .

The Africa Summit also counted with the participation of the lieutenant colonel and analyst of the Institute of Strategic programs of study (IEE), Ignacio source Cobo, who analyzed in his session the status of the Sahel; and the visit of Alicia Rico, general director for Africa of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "The impact of climate change and energy transition are some of the main areas that we must support from Spain in Africa," he said. For her part, María Teresa Gil Bazo, professor at the University of Navarra, addressed the protection of human rights in migratory flows in Africa.