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A graduate of the University, ranked 29th in the spanish psychology residency program

Begoña Tovar Esparza from Navarra obtains place together with four other former students of the academic center.

PhotoManuelCastells/Begoña Tovar Esparza,Paula Rey Guembe, Leyre Elizalde Enciso, Blanca Uriz Zafra and Laura Jiménez Alonso.

14 | 02 | 2024

Begoña Tovar Esparza, from Barañáin, Navarra, has reached 29th place in the Resident Intern Psychologist exam. The graduate of the School of Education and Psychology has obtained one of the 247 places called by the Ministry of Health to which 3844 people aspired.

It has been a great joy for me and for everyone around me, especially to feel that every effort has its reward," she says. For the psychologist, this was her third time taking the exam. Looking to her near future, she hopes to be able to spend these years in some hospital in the capital and have the opportunity to continue gaining experience. "There are many areas that interest me, such as, for example, Eating Behavior Disorder; but I think I will have it clearer once I start the residency program", she explains. 

Likewise, four other graduates from the University of Navarra have obtained place. They are Paula Rey Guembe, from Zizur Mayor; Leyre Elizalde Enciso, from Barañáin, and Blanca Uriz Zafra, from Pamplona, who have reached positions 148, 155, 173, respectively; and Laura Jiménez Alonso, from Pamplona, who has obtained one of the places reserved for people with disabilities. 

enquiry University of Navarra graduates who obtained place in previous years


In total, five graduates from Pamplona obtained one of the 231 positions offered by the Ministry of Health in 2023: Nuria Elorza, issue 28, María Migueliz García, 54, Clara Martinez Mateo, issue 143, Iranzu Iñigo Morras, 175, and Irene Lastiri, 192. 



4 graduates from Navarra obtained one of the 204 positions announced by the Ministry of Health in 2022. Pablo Zapata Sada, with the position issue 13, Edurne Iriarte Gurbindo, with the position issue 42, Victor Eugenio Dachary Pérez, in the position 96 and Blanca Sánchez-Ostiz Martínez.




In 2020, Álvaro Mancho, obtained the issue one of the spanish psychology residency program . Two other Navarrese also obtained place: Asier Pérez Barrero (68th place) and María Apezteguía (120th place).