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Álvaro Mancho, graduate of the University of Navarra and a native of Zizur Mayor, issue one of the spanish psychology residency program

Two other Navarrese, alumni of the academic center, have obtained place: Asier Pérez Barrero (68th place) and María Apezteguía (120th place).

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18/02/20 14:11

Álvaro Mancho Triguero, graduate of the University of Navarra and a native of Zizur Mayor, has won first place in the spanish psychology residency program (Resident Intern Psychologist). Likewise, two other alumni of Psychology of the academic center, both from Navarra, obtained place: Asier Pérez Barrero, from Barañain (68th place), and María Apezteguía Larrea, from Pamplona (120th place).          

Álvaro Mancho explains that this year's exam was "quite complicated". "In addition, from what I know, some academies also believe that it has been the test most difficult in the history of spanish psychology residency program . There were many questions that were not the usual ones. The fact that the exam was complicated is also indicated by the grade cut-off, which was considerably lower, compared to other years."

A total of 4437 applications were submitted for 189 places. Álvaro has not yet decided what he will do in the future, although he would like to go to Madrid. "I want to take a good look at the options that each hospital has so I know which one to choose".

The three graduates who have obtained place in this call belong to the first promotion of Degree in Psychology from School of Education and Psychology of the University of Navarra, which began five years ago and has only two graduating classes.