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Our teachers, on the cover

Rita Cavero collaborates, one year later, with Diario de Navarra in a report on the fire in Tafalla.

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28/08/17 09:53 Laura Juampérez

Rita Cavero, professor at department of Environmental Biology and Master's Degree in Biodiversity, Landscapes and Sustainable management , has collaborated, a year later, with the newspaper Diario de Navarra in two reports -the first was published in September 2016 and the second in August 2017- on the fire that affected area of Tafalla (Navarra).

As an expert in the recovery of areas affected by the fire, the also professor in the Degrees of Biology and Environmental Sciences toured with the journalists of the newspaper some of the damaged areas with the goal to analyze, for the general public, how the burned area was recovering and what subject measures could be taken to reverse the effects of the natural disaster.