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Silvia Milagros (BIO'15 MIB'17), winner of the National End-of-Semester Awards degree program

The Pamplona native receives the third award in the area of Sciences and is one of the best students of the 2015-16 academic year.

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Silvia Milagros
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26/11/20 17:13 Enrique Cobos

The Ministry of Universities has awarded the Pamplona native Silvia Milagros Solchaga the third award in the area of Sciences in the National Awards of End of degree program, which correspond to the course 2015-2016. Silvia Milagros has won one of the 162 national prizes awarded in this call (57 first prizes, 54 second prizes and 51 third prizes).

The young woman from Pamplona, who graduated in Biology from the University of Navarra in 2015, has obtained the third award in the area of Sciences, awarded with 2,200 euros. "It means a recognition to many hours of study, but also to the juggling with the schedules I did to continue with other activities," she says.

After finishing the degree program, Silvia stayed at the University studying the Master's Degree in research Biomedical, with the intention of doing the thesis , "but finally I left the degree program researcher to devote myself to my true passion, the teaching"she explains. She took the Master's Degree in academic staff for Secondary School and high school diploma and began working at high school Sagrado Corazón, where she continues to work today.

He has many memories of the degree program , but he highlights "the closeness of some professors" that especially marked him and with whom I still have some relationship. Those who were determined to make you understand something instead of simply memorizing it, who made you aspire high and believe in yourself, and who were always available in the office for your doubts".

Silvia also highlights "the moments of lunch with colleagues, of those internships that never quite worked out, of the last minute doubts before an exam, of the time spent by the radiator between class and class during the winter, and of the nerves just before entering the defense of the TFG or TFM".