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60 students from high school Sansueña participate in the pilot project "Patio Natural".

The students of high school aragonés enjoyed a bioblitz in their backyard and a storymapping workshop.

29 | 04 | 2024

The Science Museum of the University of Navarra is developing a pilotproject on biodiversity and science in the schoolyard, and the first high school to participate was Sansueña, a school in Zaragoza.

Last Thursday, sixty students from 3rd grade and 1st of ESO participated in two activities around the playground of their high school to learn the scientific method, from the collection, identification and classification of samples, to the comparison, observation and subsequent analysis.

The first activity was a bioblitz led by Enrique Baquero, professor at School of Sciences, who taught the participants how to identify and record the species found. The second part of the activity was a mapping of the courtyard with Juan José Pons, researcher of Biodiversity and Environment Institute -BIOMA of the University.

This project educational encourages schoolchildren to observe, protect biodiversity, understand the scientific method, and come up with creative solutions to improve the environment in which we live.