My words in this presentationof the Financial reportfor the academic year 2020-21 are of sincere gratitude to all those who are part of the University. The effort made by everyone, and particularly by the professionals of the Clinic, is reflected to some extent in the figures.

Thanks to this great collective workthe University's economic statushas returned to levels of a certain normality after two years in which we have not been unaffected by the economic effects of the pandemic. Activity has recovered and we have been able to develop our plans for research, teachingand attendancehealth.

We look to the future with hope, with goalto continue improving the university's work and to focus, as always, on caring for people. We also want to promote Strategy 2025, which aims to make sustainability, in its triple environmental, economic and social dimension, the backbone of the University's new projects in order to serve society based on our identity.

María Iraburu
Rector of the University