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The University celebrates Snow Day 2016

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Podium of the Snow Day 2016
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01/02/16 12:59

Last Thursday, January 28th took place the workshopSnow University 2016, in which more than a thousand people who came to Formigal (Huesca) from Pamplona and San Sebastian participated. Thus, eleven buses left the Pamplona canteen parking lot at 6:30 am, while three Tecnun buses left San Sebastian an hour earlier.

From 9 a.m., when the buses arrived, a total of 1,039 people enjoyed the snow, thanks to the estimable partnership provided by the Aramon team, who had prepared all the equipment we had rented.

The university expedition, once well equipped, moved to Pico Royo, where the Trophy President ski and snowboard began at eleven o'clock in the morning. At 13:30 h. was the submission awards ceremony. These were the results:

Men's Skiing:
Ignacio Rodriguez Fernandez-Victorio (Communication, 2nd year) 2.
2. Mikel Elso Martínez (Nursing, 1st year)
3. Eneko Ucín (Tecnun, 1st year)

Women's Skiing:
Nerea Urrestilla Anguiozar (Tecnun, 4th) 2.
2. Miren Andonegui Albistegui (Tecnun, 1st)
3. Elena Caballero Casanova (Economics, 1st)

Ander Sainz (Tecnun, 3rd) 2.
2. Javier Alejandro Delgado Hernández (Economics, 3rd)
3. Ricardo Valle Belver (Economics, 1st)

After the Trophy President the university students enjoyed the courts until 3:30 pm.