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"To have a mature heart is to be able to react to beauty, goodness and truth."

More than a hundred people participated in the workshop 'Psychology and Christian life' of the ISCR given by Professor Wenceslao Vial in Madrid.

"To have a mature heart is to be able to react to beauty, goodness and truth," said Wenceslao Vial, professor of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Rome), at the theological-didactic workshop of the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences of the University of Navarra. Focused on 'Psychology and Christian life' and held at the Campus of Madrid of the academic center, it was attended by more than a hundred people.

During the workshop, Professor Vial gave three sessions. The central topic of the first one was 'Psychological and spiritual maturity. Harmony beyond balance'; the second dealt with 'The dialogue between man and God in the technological society: spiritual restlessness, psychic balance and filial friendship with God'; and in the third he emphasized 'Recognizing and facing burnout: prevention and spirituality'.

In the sessions, he highlighted some ideas, among them that human maturity is a process of transformation: "In a Christian, it can be compared to the construction of a pyramid: at the base we find faith, which allows him greater clarity as to his own identity, he discovers himself to be a creature and limited; followed by the central block, hope, which is a necessary condition for autonomy; and at the top we find charity, which is the foundation of self-esteem".

He also recalled that "it is necessary to connect with God", above all, but also with others; that the way to dialogue with God cannot be other than that of Christ, who fulfills the will of his father, and that "to speak with God silence is necessary".

"Disconnecting from the excess of external stimuli, also from the Internet network , helps to connect with others and with God. It is in silence that we listen to the Creator. In moments of calm, together with the Lord, one recognizes the warning signs," he said.

workshop ISCR's 'Psychology and the Christian Life'.