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The University, among the best in Spain, according to "El Mundo".

Journalism and Human Nutrition top the quality ranking

01/06/01 18:55

In a study on Spanish universities carried out by the newspaper El Mundo and published on May 29th, the University of Navarra was highlighted as one of the universities with the best future.

After analyzing an extensive map of data of all the universities in the country, the newspaper publishes a ranking of what it considers to be the best centers in fifty degrees of teaching higher education. In addition to the statistical aspects, the opinion of teachers, professionals from different fields and Human Resources offices has been gathered.

Medicine, Humanities, Pharmacy, Audiovisual Communication, Nursing and advertising and Public Relations, among the top three.

Of the total of 50 degrees, of which 21 are taught at the University of Navarra, one of them recently introduced -Telecommunications Engineering-, the newspaper establishes that, in eight degrees, the University of Navarra is among the three best in Spain. Thus, Journalism and Human Nutrition and Dietetics appear in first place. In addition, six others appear in the top three: Medicine, Humanities, Pharmacy, Audiovisual Communication, Nursing and advertising and Public Relations.

Only the Universities of Madrid and Barcelona are ahead of the University of Navarra in this ranking. The Complutense heads the list in which 34 universities are mentioned, eleven of them with one degree program and eight with two. The study highlights the University of Navarra's internships and high employment rate.

This week the economic magazine Capital has also published a report on Spanish universities. The information highlights various programs of study that are carried out at the University of Navarra. Thus, according to this publication, Technical Architecture, Industrial Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Biochemistry and the three degrees of the School of Communication are among the best in Spain.