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VI congress World Families in Madrid

01/06/12 10:13

On May 25, the VI World Meeting of Families congress took place at the Palacio de Congresos in Madrid. This year's congress in Madrid was attended by more than 3,300 delegates from 80 nations around the world. Nearly 130 interventions were held, including conferences, lectures and seminars.

The ICS team researcher of project "Education of affectivity and human sexuality" led by Dr. Jokin de Irala, presented 5 posters on their research on Education sexual. Also, Dr. Jokin de Irala and researcher Carlos Beltramo were invited speakers at congress. 

For example, researcher Carlos Beltramo spoke on How to influence politics and elections, i.e., how civil society can effectively participate in public life. Finally, it is worth mentioning Dr. Jokin de Irala's presentation on Promiscuity and infidelity: collateral effects.

Dr. De Irala explained, among other concepts, the phenomenon known as "risk compensation", which occurs when the idea of "absolute safety" is transmitted to the population if condoms are used in sexual relations. Faced with the false sensation of "invulnerability" (because condoms are not 100% effective), other risky sexual behaviors increase, such as increasing the number of sexual partners issue or starting to have sex earlier, which finally ends up compensating for the partial protection offered by condoms and increasing sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies.

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