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"Stays abroad position us as ambassadors of the University of Navarra in different parts of the world."

01 | 02 | 2023

Daniela Suárez, Salvadoran, a third year student of the double Degree of Pedagogy and Education Infantile . This semester, she has decided to take the International Internship at the Birralee International School in Trondheim, Norway. He tells us a bit of his story.

Why did you choose degree program?

Teaching and being able to make an impact in the lives of others has always been my dream. This degree program has allowed me to give my all, but also to give me the opportunity to contribute to changing the lives of others. I know the potential and desire of people, especially children, to improve the world and the future. I know that this is achieved with Education which is the fundamental basis in the training of every human being. 

Why did you choose to do the Practicum International? 

Throughout my degree program, I have learned about different methodologies and educational systems. I am excited to meet, learn and experience Education in another country. In addition, I love getting to know new countries and cultures.

Why Norway? 

I chose Norway because it has one of the best Education systems in the world. Being here, I have come to appreciate Education and development from a completely different point of view. I am at Birralee International School in Trondheim. From the first day I have enjoyed the school, the students, the teachers and the atmosphere of the city. I feel very motivated to continue for the rest of the weeks. 

What added value do you think it brings to the School of Education and Psychology that students do these stays abroad?

Stays abroad position us (students) as ambassadors of the University of Navarra in different parts of the world. In addition, it is presented as an institution that prepares its students globally, to face situations outside our comfort zone. It also allows us to position our School as a center of integrity teaching , which seeks to strengthen the training of future professionals. With these stays abroad, students can develop a globalized vision of what is happening in society, in addition to transferring knowledge by exchanging experiences with peers and professors.