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"When hunger meets the desire to know": first Twitter course on science and food board

Co-organized by the University of Navarra and GramPositivo, the sessions are given by speakers such as the former student Juan Revenga (NHyD 03), through the label #microMOOCCA

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Ignacio López-Goñi
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
02/10/17 21:22 Laura Juampérez

This week begins the first Twitter course on science and food that can be followed for eight consecutive Tuesdays - from Tuesday, October 3 to Tuesday, November 21 - on the social network under the label #microMOOCCA.

These "classes" via Twitter will consist of 30 or 40 tweets in a row that will be launched at 10 p.m. and will then be collected as a story so that they can be consulted with the tool Storify.

The course has been divided into eight topics on science and food that will run to position of some of the best known popularizers of our country, such as José Manuel Mulet (author of "Comer sin miedo", "Transgénicos sin miedo") who will open the course with the topic of transgenic foods. The second session, entitled "Microbiology of food", will be given by Ignacio López-Goñi (#microBIO, "Virus and pandemics"), Full Professor of Microbiology at the University of Navarra and co-organizer of the course. On Tuesday, October 17, Miguel Ángel Lurueña(Gominolas de petróleo) will address "Food safety at home" and the following week the course will be led by Aitor Sánchez(@Midietacojea), to discover through 144-character messages how to interpret "Food labeling".

The fifth session, "Functional foods: past, present and future" will be given by José Manuel López Nicolás ("Let's buy lies"), manager of the blog Scientia, one of the most awarded blogs on scientific knowledge dissemination . On November 7, the turn will be for another of the co-organizers of meeting, Florenci Cutrina(GramPositivo), in charge of giving the keys on "management of risks in the food industry".

The last two talks will be given by Deborah García Bello (@deborahciencia) -author of the blog Dimetilsulfuro and the book "Todo es cuestión de Chemistry"- in charge of revealing all the secrets behind "Food additives". The course will be closed by Juan Revenga (NHyD 03)(@Juan_revenga) - professor of Food Science, partner in several programs and author of books such as "Adelgázame, miénteme"- with his particular class on "Alcoholic beverages and health: yes, no or halfway".

Speed: 1 tweet per minute

This initiative of knowledge dissemination follows in the wake of others co-organized also by the popularizer and professor at the University of Navarra Ignacio López-Goñi and by the Spanish Society of Microbiology under the hashtag #microMOOCSEM or #microMOOC. Likewise, this course - which will use the label #microMOOCCA - shares with MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) the fact that it is completely free and aimed at a mass audience.

To this end, the sessions will broadcast a average of one tweet per minute and will use images, links and videos "that help to offer a class of Science in the networks in an informative and entertaining tone", emphasizes López-Goñi.