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The Saltoki Foundation and the University create a chair to promote research into sustainable construction

The new entity will support research projects, thesis doctoral projects with an industrial component in sustainability, lectures and conferences by knowledge dissemination

FotoManuelCastells/Signatories of the agreement that gives rise to the new Chair Saltoki Foundation-University of Navarra. In the foreground, the General Manager of the University of Navarra Álvaro Balibrea and to his right, Ignacio Lucas Lerga, member of the board of trustees of the Saltoki Foundation.

03 | 05 | 2021

TheSaltoki Foundation and the University of Navarra have launched a new Chair which will have as its main goal knowledge dissemination and research on measures for sustainable energy use in the field of Building.

This agreement, signed for an initial period of 4 years and with a budget of 100,000 € per year, reinforces the partnership between both entities and reaffirms their commitment to a more sustainable future, asIgnacio Lucas Lerga, member of the board of trustees of the Saltoki Foundation, highlighted on the occasion of the signature .

The new Chair, directed by the Senior Associate Professor and researcher of the department Construction, Installations and Structures of the School of Architecture César Martín-Gómez, will be made up of a broad group of experts with complementary specializations and expertise.

Its activities, which will be set out in an annual plan, include courses and seminars, scientific meetings and lectures, as well as the financing of projects at research and partnership in the editing and publication of works of interest in the field of sustainability and energy efficiency.

Building "Environmental Sustainability

From the Saltoki Foundation, Ignacio Lucas stressed that the creation of this Chair "will allow us to continue making progress in aspects that Saltoki has been committed to for a long time, such as innovation, sustainability and energy efficiency, with the additional advantage of doing so in the company of the University of Navarra's School of Architecture , a benchmark in this field".

This project also consolidates the research that has been carried out for years by different groups at School of Architecture within the area sustainability and energy efficiency area. "In addition to the search for synergies between the business world and the University, the promotion of research projects and the development of thesis doctoral programmes with an industrial component in sustainability, through tools such as this new Chair, we are committed to transmitting to the general public the importance of sustainable construction, energy saving, the reduction of the carbon footprint of the construction process, etc.", says Eduardo Domingo, Director of development at School of Architecture.

The new entity is part of the University of Navarra's strategic line of research in Environmental Sustainability in its Strategy 2025.launched in 2021.