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The University closes the ordinary deadline Admissions Office with 6,259 applications, 10% more than last year.

2,114 are international students and 4,145 are national students, of which 1,346 are from Navarre.

PhotoMiguelÁngel Echávarri/Appearance of the esplanade in front of Hexagon Buildingbefore the start of the entrance examinationde Medicina.

03 | 05 | 2022

The University of Navarra has so far received 6,259 applications to study for the next academic year 2022-23, once the ordinary deadlinehas finished Admissions Office. Last year, at the same date, the issuewas 5,713, which represents an increase of almost 10%. Of the 6,259 applications, 2,114 are from international students, 33.8% of the total; 4,145 are from Spanish students, and of these, 1,346 are from students from Navarre (32% of the total number of Spanish students). 

By Schools, applications from Degreesof the School in Economics and Business Studies (833, 23% more than the previous year), Medicine (1,561 applications), Engineering (598), Nursing (432) or the Degreein Psychology (264 applications) stand out. It is worth highlighting the 55% increase in applications for Admissions Officeto Degreein ISSA-Applied Management, following the transformation of its curriculum.

Last Saturday, the Admissions Officeexams for this last ordinary deadlinewere held. As on previous occasions, students could choose between taking the testof Admissions Officein person or online. The Admissions Office service, together with the Schoolsand Schools, were attending the developmentof the tests during the workshop, to which students from 53 countries applied. 

"Thanks to the involvement and the great workof the Schoolsand schools and the Admissions Office service, we have been able to enjoy a wonderful workshopof access tests. In addition, two Schoolswith a great issueof applications, both the Schoolof Nursing and the Schoolof Medicine.", said Juan José Cabrera, director of the service of Admissions Office. 

Students who have applied for Admissions Officeat deadline will receive their decision on 18 May, at which point they will be able to start their enrolment at the centre in Navarra. Students in their final year of high schoolwho have not yet completed the Admissions Officeprocess can submit their application, although only at Degreeswith availabilityof places.