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Start of the III promotion of the Official Master's Degree in Big Data Science

With about 38% of female students and accompanied by the group of BBVA employees

03 | 11 | 2021

The OfficialMaster's Degree in Big Data Science that the high schoolof Science of dataand Artificial Intelligence, attached to Tecnun - School of Engineering, offers at Campus of the University of Navarra in Madrid welcomed a new class on 1 October. This course has 45 new students, in addition to the II promotion of BBVA employees.

This year the students come from 16 Spanish universities, such as the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid or the Universidad Carlos III, and 17 international centres such as Hariri Canadian University or the Universidad Metropolitana de Venezuela. They have been trained in several different degrees: Engineering of all kinds subject, Economics, Physics, Mathematics or Statistics, among others.

The students agree that when training in the science of data, an ever-changing discipline, it is extremely enriching to find oneself in a groupwith such a diverse profile and with more than 38% women.

"There is a variety of different profiles and nationalities which enriches the student experience," explains Carlos Romero, graduatein Business Engineering at ESEN in El Salvador.

Ana Manzanos comments that "it is a great opportunity to meet new people at BBVA and share experiences". Ana belongs to the second class of BBVA employees studying at Master's Degree. The professionals have been selected from different Departmentswithin the bank, such as Customer Solutions, Analytics and Innovation, Risk Management or GRM Analytics. 

"I am very happy that the sessions are face-to-face, to have classall together at classroom. This enriches the atmosphere: to learn, to interact and to get the most out of Master's Degree" says Gerardo Ruano, team memberFinancial Risks at BBVA.

Marta CatalánclassThe University of Navarra has given us an unbeatable welcome: they know us, they give us a very personalised attentionand we can count on mentor to help us professionally", to which we can add "the University of Navarra has given us an unbeatable welcome: they know us, they give us a very personalised and we have a to help us professionally". Dana Perez She adds "It's been a couple of weeks and it has definitely surpassed my expectations of what studying abroad would be." Dana has studied Business Administration at Liscomp University in the USA "the classmates and the environment are so kind and I would definitely recommend it to anyone".