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"Spain is a firm advocate of maintaining a fluid dialogue with Russia, but international law, the integrity of states and human rights must be respected".

The Chief of Defence Staff, Teodoro E. López Calderón, visited the University of Navarra and spoke about the main geostrategic risks affecting national security.

FotoManuelCastells/More than two hundred people attended the lecture given by the Chief of Defence Staff, Teodoro López Calderón, in the hall of the Amigos Building.

04 | 02 | 2022

"Spain, even more so in the current situation, is a firm advocate of maintaining a fluid dialogue with Russia, in order to reach a de-escalation and resolve all problems through diplomatic channels, but international law, the territorial integrity of states and human rights must be respected. The Chief of Defence Staff, Admiral General Teodoro E. López Calderón, spoke with these words during a conference at the University of Navarre, where he explained the structure and role of the Armed Forces and the main geostrategic challenges and risks that affect Spain's interests and security.

Teodoro López Calderón referred to the current situation of instability between Russia and Ukraine on the eastern side of the European Union, and warned of the growing assertiveness, in the Anglo-Saxon sense, shown by the Russian Federation as one of the main risks in the current geostrategic sphere. Risks that, he explained, arise from the attempt to change the current structure of the rules-based International Office and the competition between powers that this is leading to goal.  

"The divergence between the Russian federation and the West is becoming more and more noticeable," he said. "We are witnessing coercion multidisciplinary and an existential threat to Ukraine. Russia is using its own security as an excuse for this". The chief of the General Staff assured that diplomatic channels are open, "but to date they have not provided an effective result to initiate a de-escalation of the crisis situation we are experiencing". 

Teodoro López Calderón then cited China, transnational terrorism, generated by jihadist movements, and regional tensions in the Sahel and the Maghreb in Africa, with an increasing presence of Russia and China, which seeks to displace the EU, as other risks affecting national security. "China is promoting an asymmetrical bilateralism in which a relationship of economic dependence with a multitude of countries is fostered on the basis of supposed non-interference," he said, although he considered China to be an important economic partner .


The visit of the Chief of Defence Staff is part of the activities of the new Security and Defence Club of the University of Navarra, promoted by students of International Office.

The Admiral was received by the Vice President of academic staff, Pablo Sánchez-Ostiz, and was accompanied by the Dean of the School of Law, Jorge Noval and the Vice-Dean of Students and Academic Organisation, Asun de la Iglesia. After the official reception in the hall of Degrees of Office of the Executive Council, the high command signed the signature book of the University of Navarra.