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"Reflection on Morality in Contemporary Philosophy", new degree scroll in the collection "Reason and Normativity" from project "Natural Law and Rationality internship"

The volume, published by OLMS, is edited by professors Julia Urabayen and Sergio Sánchez-Migallón and includes papers by researchers from 6 Spanish and Italian universities.

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04/03/14 17:20 Isabel Solana

Reflection on Morality in Contemporary Philosophy is the new and seventh degree scroll in the collection 'Reason and Normativity'. Reason and Normativity' collectionpromoted by the project 'Natural Law and Rationality internship' of the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) of the University of Navarra. It is edited by Professors Julia Urabayen and Sergio-Sánchez Migallón.

The book focuses on ethical thinking that harmonizes two elements of human action: on the one hand, the moment of rational and free reflection; and on the other, the acceptance of a natural element that serves as a basis for such reflection.

The papers collected in it are framed in the international colloquium that was held at the ICS on 10 and 11 May 2012 under the same degree scroll as this work. They study the contributions of various philosophers -among them Husserl, Scheler, Kant, Pfänder, Heidegger, Hanna Arendt...- who share an intense reflection that leads to ethics and the consideration of human action. All of them belong to the phenomenological tradition -or are related to it-, which recognizes that ethics starts from a real and objective basis.

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Thus, several of the articles present in detail the way in which these philosophers approach ethical questions before delving into ethics itself, something very common in the Philosophy of the twentieth century.

The contributing authors to this book are Urbano Ferrer (University of Murcia), Mariano Crespo (University of Navarra), Pilar Fernández Beites (Complutense University of Madrid), Sergio Sánchez-Migallón (University of Navarra), Ramón Rodríguez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Julia Urabayen (Universidad de Navarra), Giuseppe Goisis (Università Ca'Foscari Venezia, Italy), Franco Riva (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy) and Alberto Sucasas (Universidad de A Coruña).

The collection 'Reason and Normativity', edited by Ana Marta González, principal investigator of the project 'Emotional culture and identity', and Alejandro G. Vigo, researcher principal investigator of project 'Natural Law and Rationality internship', is published by OLMS, a house publishing house of international academic prestige that distributes in Germany, Switzerland, USA and France.