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92% of university graduates are either working or studying.

The study conducted by the Instituto de Investigaciones de Mercado y Marketing Estratégico Ikerfel for the academic center analyzes the status employment of its graduates.

FotoManuelCastells/Students and recent graduates of the University of Navarra during a workshop selection session with companies organized by the Internship and employment

04 | 07 | 2024

Sixty-nine percent of the alumni of Degree at the University of Navarra work and 23% are engaged in other activities such as studying or taking competitive examinations, that is, 92% are employed. As for those of Master's Degree, 87.4% have employment. These are some of the data of the latest study carried out each year by the Ikerfel Institute of Market Research and Strategic Marketing for the University. It has been carried out during February and April this year and 3,115 graduates (1,989 from Degree and 1,126 from Master's Degree) who finished their programs of study in 2021, 2022 and 2023 have participated.

The report reveals that 68.6% of the alumni from Degree and 87% of those from Master's Degree took less than six months to find employment after graduation. "These are very positive data that show that the training and skills provided by the University contribute to reducing the time it takes to find work ," says Alfonso Vericat, director of the Internship Service and employment of the University of Navarra.

Of the graduates of Degree who are employed in other activities, 52% are completing their training with a Master's Degree or course (30.5% of them have chosen the University of Navarra for their programs of study of postgraduate program). "The percentage of Master's Degree graduates working in Madrid stands out, reaching 54.4%, while in the study carried out in 2022 it was 26.5%," indicates Vericat. As for Degree graduates, 86.6% work in Spain (39% in Madrid and 33.5% in Navarra).

Realization of quality internships and training

The alumni of Degree and Master's Degree give a positive evaluation of the programs of study they have taken: the former with 8.27/10 and the latter with 8.32/10. They especially emphasize the "human and theoreticaltraining ", as well as the "suitability of the Study program for acquiring the profile graduation certificate". These aspects are also very much taken into account by the companies surveyed as employers. When asked about the "overall quality of the degree program", they give it a score of 8.31/10. Precisely, 61.4% of the incorporations they have had in the last three years correspond to alumni from the University of Navarra.

"In addition to the theoretical training , the study highlights that doing internships during the degree program has a great influence on finding employment. They finish their programs of study with a clearer idea of what it is like to work in a business", says Vericat. According to the study, 78% of those surveyed who completed a Degree at the academic center said they had done an internship during their time at university. "Another relevant fact is that 82.9% of the graduates of Degree and 88.8% of those of Master's Degree are satisfied with their current employment", he adds.