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"An environment valued only in terms of its economic utility is doomed to destruction."

University professors launch a book to promote environmental Education and spiritual intelligence of young people together with the Félix Rodríguez de la source and the César Manrique Foundation.

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Jordi Puig and Fernando Echarri
PHOTO: Manuel Castells

"An environment that is only valued in terms of its economic utility, to which all non-material meaning is excluded, is an environment condemned to destruction". This is what he explains in the book"Look at the world, understand yourself in your world. Education environmental, spiritual intelligence and nature" launched by the professors of the University of Navarra Fernando Echarri and Jordi Puig i Baguer that counts with the partnership of the Foundation Felix Rodriguez de la source, the Cesar Manrique Foundation, the Chair of Environmental Ethics of the University of Alcala de Henares and the association Spanish Environmental Education . The publication will be presented this Saturday, October 4 at the conference of training for religion teachers held at seminar in Pamplona.

It is a work whose goal is to teach students from the age of twelve how the environment and the person are totally linked, in such a way that the way the environment is treated affects the person. "We want students to learn to think and to do so through the observation of nature," says Professor Fernando Echarri.

In this way, they intend to promote the environmental Education through spiritual intelligence and vice versa. Understood as the human capacity to ask questions about the meaning of life and to experience a connection between each of us and the world in which we live. "We do not want to give answers, but to invite reflection. To achieve a point of meeting between people with different beliefs so that we learn from and with nature to be more human," he adds. "Our relationship with the environment is very valuable and we need to realize that it is no coincidence that the lack of naturalness, for example in a shantytown, goes hand in hand with the lack of human justice."

The book, which begins with a quotation by artist César Manrique "There is a phenomenon that we have the obligation to spread, which is, quite simply, to teach how to see", plans to have its own mobile application as well as presentations and materials for interested teachers.

At the moment, 1,000 copies of the book have been printed and will be distributed to teachers in different schools in Navarra and other communities. It is also possible to complement these materials by means of talks or conferences on this topic topic.