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"The first premise for starting a business is that you must be passionate about project ."

Juan Mari Pérez Azpeitia, director of Eversens, explained to the students of the School of Sciences his experience as an entrepreneur in the biosanitary sector.

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05/03/18 11:36 Laura Juampérez

Juan Mari Pérez Azpeitia is the driving force behind business Eversens, a project of research and development that was born in 2015 and that year achieved first place in the modality Business Ideas of the CLH Entrepreneurship Awards. After some time shooting, this entrepreneur participated in the second module of the Diploma of management and Business Creation in Science at the University of Navarra,at partnership with CEIN, where he spoke about his own experience.

- How important do you consider a diploma like GyCEC's to train science students in management entrepreneurship?
It is really interesting that those students who have acquired a high level of technical learning Degree can complement it with modules of the entrepreneurial management . In this way, students get a global vision of what it means to start a business. For example, when deciding to start their own business they will be able to analyze its viability, not only from a technical point of view, but also in terms of market needs, resources, time and dedication.

- From your experience as an entrepreneur, what advice would you give to a student with entrepreneurial concerns who does not know how to start in the business world?
For a student with entrepreneurial concerns, the first thing is that he/she likes and is passionate about the idea or project he/she intends to start. Similarly, it is essential to surround yourself with a team of people with similar visions and concerns. Once we have this starting point, both the University itself and CEIN have staff experienced in entrepreneurship to whom students can tell their ideas, so that they can help them and make them reflect to take the first steps with greater confidence. 

- In your case, what would you say have been the biggest difficulties you encountered in launching your project?
The major stumbling blocks begin with the uncertainty of not knowing what is going to happen, both in the short and long term deadline. It is also complex to face and manage aspects of the business beyond the technical field; as well as external situations and aspects that affect the development of the business and that do not depend on oneself. For all these reasons, training in management can be of great help in facing the adventure of entrepreneurship with greater guarantees of success.