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A meeting addresses how to build healthy emotional contexts in the Education, health care and business

The ICS of the University of Navarra organizes the I meeting 'Academia y sociedad', a free activity open to all citizens.

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05/05/14 18:16 Isabel Solana

The Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) of the University of Navarra celebrates this week the I meeting 'Academia y sociedad'. Experts from campus Pamplona and institutions such as the Botín Foundation, the Lilly Foundation or ECOFIN will analyze in three round tables the construction of healthy emotional contexts both in the field educational and in the medical attendance and business. The activity, free of charge and free until fill in , is organized by the project ' 'Emotional culture and identity' of the ICS and counts with the sponsorship of Zurich Insurance.

The first session will take place on Wednesday, May 7 under the degree scroll 'Emotional competencies in family and educational environments'. The speakers will be Aurora Bernal, professor at the University of Navarra, with the discussion paper 'Emotions in educational environments'; Raquel Amaya, from the University of Oviedo, with the presentation 'Emotional competencies of parents and positive family climate'; Vanesa Galego, from the Botín Foundation, who will speak on 'Education emotional and healthy growth of children and young people'; and Rosa Miralles, from the Grup de Recerca en Orientació Psicopedagògica of the University of Lleida, who will focus on 'Education emotional of adults and climate in educational organizations'.

Emotions, work environment and happiness

 The second roundtable, 'Emotional conflicts in the medical attendance ', will be on Thursday, May 8. high school Participants will include Pilar León, professor at School of Medicine at the University of Navarra, who will speak on 'Emotions in the medical internship '; Carmen Hijós, administrative assistant General of the Official Medical Association of Navarra, with the talk 'Emotions in conflicts between patients and healthcare professionals'; José Antonio Gutiérrez, from the Chair de Education Médica de la Fundación Lilly, who will speak on 'training y skill emocional en la Education médica'; and María Isabel Saracíbar, dean of the School de Enfermería de la Universidad de Navarra, who will deal with the topic 'La training emocional de los profesionales de la salud'.

reference letter The third and last activity will be held on Friday 9 and will address the 'management emotional and work environment in the business' and will be held on Friday 9. The first speaker will be Alejandro N. García, from the University of Navarra, with the lecture 'Emotions in the construction of an efficient work environment'. Next, Adrián Cano, from department Psychiatry and Medical Psychology at Clínica Universidad de Navarra, will speak on 'The importance of emotional aspects at business'; José Luis Guillén, from IESE Business School, on 'Emotions, work environment and happiness at business'; and José Luis Zunni, director of ECOFIN and professor at the European Business School, on 'Business leadership and applied emotional management '. 

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