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The School of Philosophy and Letters lands in the campus of Madrid with the new Master's Degree in Christianity and Contemporary Culture.

The first graduating class is made up of 40 students, with an age of 50 years, from various professional backgrounds. average

Photo /The 40 students of the Master's Degree in Christianity and Contemporary Culture (MCCC), at the postgraduate program headquarters of the University in Madrid, where they have started their classes.

05 | 09 | 2022

Today the 40 students of Master's Degree in Christianity and Contemporary Culture (MCCC), with which the School of Philosophy and Letters begins its journey in the campus of the University of Navarra in Madrid, started their classes today. This is the first graduating class of a program of postgraduate program that seeks to provide advanced knowledge to understand the problems and challenges of today's world in its intellectual, historical, social, scientific, artistic, literary, philosophical and theological aspects, as well as to address the fundamental elements of Christian understanding of contemporary culture on the basis of dialogue between faith and reason.

The new students, of 5 nationalities -Spanish, Mexican, German, Colombian and Argentinean- and between 27 and 71 years of age, are professional teachers at high school and universities, communicators, managers, lawyers, priests, doctors and engineers. The executive program is offered in blended learning format, so some of them will travel weekly from Almeria, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Segovia and Valencia to attend for the on-site classes, which will take place on Mondays. Full Professor The first class was given by Pablo Pérez López, one of the professors of module "Understanding today's world: historical and social keys", who is also a professor of Contemporary History.

Before the classes, the students were welcomed by Ángel J. Gómez Montoro, director of campus of the University in Madrid. In the welcoming workshop they were also accompanied by Julia Pavón, dean of the School of Philosophy and Letters; Mariano Crespo, director academic program; Cristhian Mestre, director of development of Philosophy and Letters; Carmen Bassy, product manager of the MCCC; and Nerea Elía, coordinator of Master's Degree.