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Solidarity Study Olympiad begins

The money raised will be used for the reconstruction of children's schools in Haiti.

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05/11/13 09:23 Veronica Gomara

The University of Navarra, through the service of volunteer activities UAS-Tantaka and in partnership with the ONGD Coopera, has launched the XI Solidarity Study Olympics. Under the slogan "My study draws their future", the initiative aims to raise awareness among students and get them to participate with their time and effort staff, in a solidarity project .

The Olympiad, which will take place between November 5 and December 5, will be held at the Libraries of Humanities, Architecture, Theology and Science, as well as at campus in San Sebastian. Students must write down the time they dedicate to study and the sponsors convert each hour into one euro that is destined to finance cooperation projects linked to Education and training. On this occasion, the money raised will be invested in the reconstruction of children's schools in Haiti so that they can study in better conditions.

Thousands of young people from 15 countries in Europe, Latin America and Africa participate in the Solidarity Study Olympiad.