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The Government of Navarra, La Caixa Foundation and the University sign an agreement agreement to promote the "Erasmus Rural" program.

With the goal to revitalize rural heritage, 20 students will be offered paid internships worth 20,000 euros.

FotoManuelCastells/From left to right, Jesús María Rodríguez, Rosalía Baena and Izaskun Azcona during the signature of the agreement

06 | 03 | 2023

Revitalizing rural heritage in municipalities affected by depopulation is the goal of the "Erasmus Rural" program , which will offer 20 students from the University of Navarra the opportunity to do paid internships in areas with these characteristics.

The Government of Navarra, La Caixa Foundation and the University of Navarra have signed a partnership agreement to promote the program. In the signature, which took place in the academic center, were present Jesús María Rodríguez, director general of Local Administration and Depopulation of the department of Territorial Cohesion; Izaskun Azcona, delegate of La Caixa Foundation in Navarra; and Rosalía Baena, Vice President of Students of the University of Navarra. The amount to be allocated to the program, fully funded by Fundación La Caixa, is 70,000 euros, of which 20,000 euros will be used for student internships.

"Erasmus Rural" is aimed at students of Degree, Master's Degree and doctorate of any School or school of the University of Navarra, who have completed at least two years of university programs of study . For the selection of internship destinations, the map of municipalities at risk of depopulation prepared by the General Administration of Local Administration and Depopulation of the Government of Navarra will be taken into account.

The main objectives of the program include bringing students closer to the reality and problems of rural areas; the training and acquisition of professional and human skills through the world of work; the impact of the talent that young people bring to rural areas; and the partnership between academia and the agents of the most devitalized territories as tool of social innovation with which to address the problems faced by the rural world.

Revitalizing rural areas

The internships will go to projects that promote four dimensions: natural heritage, with initiatives that seek the preservation, improvement and sustainable use of natural ecosystems; cultural heritage, with projects that pursue the rescue and conservation of artistic assets; intangible heritage, for its knowledge dissemination among the inhabitants and potential visitors to the area, as well as to make them a tool of revitalization and local development ; and social heritage, with initiatives designed for the care of people, particularly the most vulnerable inhabitants of rural areas.

The offers will be published in the portal of employment of the University of Navarra. The duration of the internship will depend directly on the needs of the institutions and will have a remuneration of 800 euros per month.