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thesis Doctoral defended

07/03/11 12:35

ne of our researchers from our project, María Calatrava Martínez, defended her doctoral thesis last December 20, 2010 with the degree scroll "Determinants of Lifestyles and Opinions of Spanish Youth on Affectivity, Love and Sexuality." Both the work of research and the defense of her work earned her the maximum grade, A cum laude.

This research consists of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that constitute a major public health problem today, both because of their magnitude at the international level and because of their Degree morbidity and mortality. The status described, which affects adolescents disproportionately, places STIs (including HIV) as one of the most important causes of morbidity and mortality in young people, even representing the greatest health risk in sexually active adolescents.

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  •  Director from thesis : Dr. Jokin de Irala

  • Court:

    • President: Prof. Manuel Gurpegui Fernández de Legaria

    • Members:

      • Prof. María Dolores Jurado Chacón

      • Prof. Francisco Guillén Grima

      • Prof. José López Guzmán

    • administrative assistantDr. Silvia Carlos Chillerón