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The School of Sciences opens its doors to prospective students and family members.

Nearly 100 people from Navarre, the Basque Country and Castile and Leon participated in an open-door experimentation workshop

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Participants in the conference de Puertas Abiertas of the School de Ciencias.
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
07/04/14 22:44 Laura Latorre

Nearly a hundred people, including prospective students and family members from different autonomous communities, participated in an open house and experimentation workshop of the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra.

The center organized a series of activities around the Degrees of Chemistry and Biochemistry , and Biology and Environmental Sciences. Specifically, the students, guided by Professor José Ramón Isasi, from Chemistry and Soil Science, elaborated quicksifting flour and flying cornstarch; made homemade kryptonite; and observed how Chemistry works in a baby's diaper. They also experimented with something as everyday as a vegetable enzyme (catalase), which they made effervescent by applying hydrogen peroxide, with the help of Professor Silvia Cenoz, from Biochemistry and Genetics.

On the other hand, students interested in the environmental aspect, advised by professors Enrique Baquero and Juana Fernández, from Environmental Biology and Chemistry, respectively, conducted an exhaustive search for animal and plant species along the campus and analyzed the quality of the river.

The Experimentation conference have as goal that students know more closely, and from the inside, the degrees to which they are dedicated: Biology, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry (biomedicine pathway). On the other hand, the workshop Open Doors are for family members and companions of the students to access the academic programs of the School, through testimonials of alumni guided tours of the main facilities: Library Services, laboratories, classrooms or Museum of Natural Sciences.