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Young University entrepreneurs present 8 innovative projects to investors

Among the ideas, a security system for construction, gas stations for electric cars or a mechanism to collect dog waste

07/05/04 17:38

Eight business projects of students, graduates and professors of the University of Navarra were presented to investors from different venture capital firms. The exhibition was part of the III International meeting of Young Entrepreneurs, organized by the School of Economics and the Foundation business-University of Navarra.

Among the initiatives, a soccer magazine, a security system for construction, a simulator for driving schools, a mechanism to collect canine waste, a gas station company for electric cars or a 3-D animated feature film.

The investment managers, in addition to getting to know the projects, congratulated the authors, commented on the works and assessed their viability. "It has served as a point of meeting between investors and entrepreneurs," explained Ricardo Mateo, director of this event. In addition, if the former are interested in the initiatives and their financing, they will be able to contact the authors. The jury was formed by members of entities such as core topic Mayor, Sodena, Start Up Capital Navarra and Genera.

Be determined and believe in what you do

The project of Pablo Fernandez (graduate at advertising and Public Relations) consists of a specialized soccer magazine that is useful as a match magazine guide , before the matches and at half-time. The idea came from three colleagues at School in Communication: "We wanted to put our knowledge on internship, right from degree program," he says. They asked for advice from professors, friends, professionals, etc., and gave shape to their idea in a local publication. Now, this young entrepreneur, who works in an agency advertising, wants to take project back on its own and expand it to the national level in order to launch it in the near future deadline.

"Stations for electric car engines" is the degree scroll of the initiative of four students of the technical school of Engineers of the University of Navarra: Mikel Azpiri, Borja Barrón, David Fernández Lacabe and Gabriel Nanclares. "It consists of creating mini transformation centers where users can charge the batteries of electric cars," explains Mikel Azpiri. Motorel came about when they were studying at subject Business Creation. Oil will run out," he stresses, "and before that we will have to take environmental measures that favor the use of non-polluting vehicles. This leads us to think about an electric car market in the imminent future".

Rubén Rendueles (3rd year of Technical Architecture) is one of the authors of Securtop, a safety fence system for construction. "In most construction sites, wooden boards are used because the mechanisms established by rules and regulations are very expensive and time-consuming to install. Our idea proposes an economical system that is easy to install," he explains. Rubén Rendueles does not rule out running this or any other business in the future: "Now it is strange to talk about these things. But Bill Gates opened his business when he was 20 years old. All you need to do is make up your mind and believe in what you are doing".