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Women in film

seminar by María Caballero

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Professor María Caballero is the author of Mujeres de cine: 360° alrededor de la cámara. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
07/05/14 10:05 Rosa Fernández Urtasun

lecture Last Tuesday, May 6, María Caballero, professor at the University of Seville, gave a lecture on "Women in Film" at the framework of the seminars organized by group of research of Recent History(GIHRE) of the University of Navarra. 

María Caballero Wangüemert is Professor of Spanish-American Literature at the University of Seville. Her activity professor is combined with a research focused on Argentine and Puerto Rican literature, as well as women's literature and memoirs, cinema and literary theory.

At seminar , Professor Caballero made a tour through the history of cinema, focusing on how the image of women on the big screen has evolved and showed the most important milestones in this process. The different examples she mentioned were based on the best known Hollywood cinema, but she also touched on Oriental, Muslim and Latin cinema.

In a second part, she highlighted how women have been gradually taking on a more creative role as screenwriters, producers, directors, etc. 

Throughout the exhibition it became clear that in the 21st century ideological and essentialist reductionisms have been overcome: the models proposed are no longer the clichés imposed by a masculine society and postulate the need for a Structures made by women, respectful of their roles and less aggressive in general for the human being.

Professor María Caballero is the author of Women in film: 360° around the camera (Library Services Nueva, 2011).