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Brazilian artist Vik Muniz donates his latest creation (Flora Industrialis 2023) to the University Museum of Navarre

The bequest is composed of 90 works, the totality of the pieces that make up his latest production, fruit of the artistic residency program in the MUN of the Brazilian and produced with the support of philanthropists and members of the board of trustees of the Museum.

FotoManuelCastells/Artist Vik Muniz at his exhibition at MUN

08 | 03 | 2024

The Brazilian artist Vik Muniz, who maintains a relationship with the University Museum of Navarra since 2018, has donated the 90 photographs-70 in color and 20 in black and white, in 50x60 cm format-that make up his latest work, Flora Industrialis 2023. The production has been supported by Gabriela Willson Cisneros, Ernesto Fernández Holmann and Marta Regina Fischer Fernández, members of the MUN's board of trustees .

The exhibition in Pamplona has been visited by more than 10,000 peopleand can still be seen until March 10. In addition to the artist's desire to keep his work at the MUN, Muniz encourages the itinerary of this creation, so perhaps it can be visited, in the future, in other national or international art centers. Meanwhile, Elba Benítez, gallery owner and representative of the artist in Spain, offers her stand at ARCO and her gallery in Madrid to all those interested in knowing and contemplating this and other works by the artist.  

Inspired by the engravings and drawings of the 19th century Latin American flora albums of the University of Navarra Museum Collection, Flora Industrialis 2023 addresses the complex relationship between science and art from their divergent strategies when it comes to approaching reality. Since the time of the Enlightenment, restless explorers carried with them sketchers and scientists who patiently and painstakingly recorded the findings of each voyage. These expeditions gave rise to the sketchbooks and volumes of expeditions and treasures of the late 17th century, which inspired Vik Muniz to create a new flora. Flora Industrialis 2023 questions our approach to reality in a technified and ultra-represented world. Following his creative process and constant innovation in the use of materials, Muniz turns a handful of artificial flowers into a delicate botanical catalog, fruit of his invention, captured in beautifully rendered photographs invoice.

For the artistic director of the MUN, Valentín Vallhonrat, "the pieces that today are incorporated to the Collection are a contribution of great value to the collection of the Museo Universidad de Navarra, as well as a sample of the magnanimity and generosity of an international artist of the stature of Vik Muniz: thank you".