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"The images we see of the Spanish conquest of America have two readings."

Javier de Navascúes, professor at the University, gave the inaugural lecture of the summer courses of the universities of Navarra.

PhotoManuelCastells/From left to right, Carmen Jusué, Javier de Navascués, Rosalía Baena, Juan Cruz Cigudosa, Begoña Pérez Eransus and Ana Burusco.

08 | 06 | 2022

Javier de Navascués, Full Professor of Spanish-American Literature at the University of Navarra, gave the inaugural lecture of the summer courses of the universities of Navarra, entitled "Sin mitos ni leyendas, presencia y cultura de España en América" (Without myths or legends, the presence and culture of Spain in America). Explaining that there are two possible readings of the Spanish conquest, in the session he showed how the colonial society generated a culture with its own identity, product of the fusion of the Hispanic world with the American substratum and the African incorporation. Thus, this year's summer courses were officially inaugurated.

The lesson was based on the explanation of some of the cultural aspects that were transmitted with the arrival of the Spaniards in America. Some of the aspects described were the knowledge of nature, the foundation of cities, politics and the written word as a document of power. The speaker was supported by different images, mainly about the food revolution and the new artistic genres, which helped to explain the mutual connection between the inhabitants of these territories.

The event was attended by Juan Cruz Cigurosa, Minister of Universities, Innovation and Technology of the Government of Navarra; Ana Burusco, Director General of the University; Rosalía Baena, Vice President of Students of the University of Navarra; Begoña Pérez Eransus, Vice President of University Projection, Culture and knowledge dissemination of the Public University of Navarra; and Carmen Jusué, Director of the associated center of the UNED in Pamplona.

Summer courses

The "Summer courses of the universities of Navarre" are the result of a joint effort between the Government of Navarre and the university centres based in Navarre: the Public University of Navarre, the University of Navarre and the associated centres of the UNED in Tudela and Pamplona, work .

Last year, 5,812 people participated in the activity. The University collaborates with six courses in this version, with varied topics ranging from virtual reality and political emotions to humour and drawing.