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The Degree at Chemistry achieves the European accreditation Chemistry Eurobachelor Label

The distinction, the second awarded in Spain, accredits the quality of Study program and the training of its graduates and homologates it to other European Degrees .

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A student of Degree from Chemistry performs a internship.
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
08/11/13 12:43 Laura Latorre

The Degree in Chemistry of the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra has been distinguished with the accreditation Chemistry Eurobachelor Label by the association European Chemistry Thematic Network Association. This recognition, the second awarded to a Spanish university, accredits the quality of the Study program and the training of the graduates of Chemistry of the academic center, and homologates it to other European Degrees .

Thus, starting from the present academic year, graduates of Chemistry from the University of Navarra will obtain a supplement to the official degree scroll that specifies the European distinction. Likewise, they will have the automatic right of access to master's degree programs at any European university that holds the Chemistry Eurobachelor Label.

On the other hand, the University of Navarra has joined the network ECTNA (European Chemistry Thematic Network Association).  

committee of European experts
A committee of assessment of the European Chemistry Thematic Network Association formed by recognized experts visited the facilities and practical laboratories of the School of Sciences, interviewed students and professors and reviewed the Study program and the competences to be achieved. The evaluation was very positive regarding the facilities where practical classes are taught, the organization of the programs of study and the existence of subjects taught in English. The committee also highlighted the inclusion of subjects in advanced courses so that students can integrate their knowledge into their future professional practice.

The Degree in Chemistry of the University of Navarra is structured in four years although, as a pioneer program in Spain, it also offers the possibility of studying the Double Degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry , with two more years of duration.