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The interpersonal nurse-caregiver relationship is the essence of optimal nursing internship .

María Isabel Saracíbar, dean of the School of Nursing at the University of Navarra, discussed the emotional training of health professionals at the I meeting 'Academia y sociedad' of the Institute for Culture and Society

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María Isabel Saracíbar
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
09/05/14 16:48 Miriam Salcedo

Maria Isabel Saracíbar, Dean of the School of Nursing of the University of Navarraparticipated in the I meeting 'Academy and society' of the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) graduate "Building healthy emotional contexts", which is being held this week at the academic center with the sponsorship of Zurich Insurance.

In this second workshop, dedicated to"Emotional conflicts in the medical attendance ", Professor Saracíbar focused her discussion paper on the emotionaltraining of health professionals. She emphasized that"the relationship established between the nurse and the person being cared for is currently considered to be the focus of an optimal nursing internship ". An interpersonal relationship, the dean continued, in which "the nurse has to enter into the intimacy of the other".

This internship entails an "emotional risk" for the nurse for which Professor Saracíbar proposes that"our students should be trained in the management of emotions right from the universities". Therefore, says the expert, in order to "fulfill this optimal relationship without the risk of suffering staff", nursing professionals must have competencies such as:"acquiring an interdisciplinary scientific and humanistic knowledge , knowing themselves, having leadership skills, educating their sensitivity in the perception of the human and having a reflective nature".

Also participating in the workshop were Pilar León, professor at the School of Medicine at the University of Navarra and moderator of the round table, Carmen Hijós, administrative assistant General of the high school Official Medical Association of Navarra and José Antonio Gutiérrez, from the Chair of Education Médica de la Fundación Lilly.

This afternoon will take place the last workshop of this meeting, focused on the management emotional and work environment in the business.