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Three GRISO researchers participate in the International congress "Francisco de Quevedo and the Golden Age. Dreams, nightmares and delusions", held in Cantabria.

Ignacio Arellano, J. Enrique Duarte and Carlos Mata addressed different facets of the Madrid-born writer in their talks.

FotoCedida/J. Enrique Duarte, Ignacio Arellano and Carlos Mata Induráin in the convent of San Francisco de Soto-Iruz (Santiurde de Toranzo, Cantabria), home of the congress

09 | 06 | 2022

On 2 and 4 June, the convent of San Francisco de Soto-Iruz (Cantabria) hosted the congress "Francisco de Quevedo y el Siglo de Oro. Dreams, nightmares and delusions", organised by El Áureo Hontanar, a group made up of students from the Hotel and Catering and Tourism courses at the IES Peñacastillo in Santander. 

Three members of group de research Siglo de Oro (GRISO) participated as speakers at the meeting : Ignacio Arellano, who spoke about "Caricatures of Quevedo's power: dreams and nightmares"; J. Enrique Duarte, with a discussion paper entitled "Don Francisco de Quevedo: de libros y sueños"; and Carlos Mata, who developed the topic "Turpitudo et deformitas: lo feo y lo grotesco en el Poema heroico de las necedades y locuras de Orlando el enamorado de Quevedo".

The academic sessions of congress were complemented by various other activities Cultural Activities Office: tourist routes through the villages of the valley, poetry recitals with texts by Quevedo, a concert by the Ensemble Quevedo or the cockfight "Quevedos vs Góngoras", among others.

The Áureo Hontanar, organiser of the meeting, arises as result of a project-based learning. Among its objectives is to highlight the Cantabrian origin that links Quevedo, Calderón de la Barca and Lope de Vega, with an annual congress in the towns where the ancestral roots of the three playwrights are located; to give value to these municipalities; to improve their economic activity; and to involve local inhabitants and businesses.