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Andrea Velásquez and Camila Álvarez, new delegates of ISSA School of Applied Management

PhotoManuelCastellsOn the left, Camila Álvarez, new sub-delegate of ISSA School of Applied Management; and on the right, Andrea Velásquez, new delegate.

09 | 10 | 2023

Andrea Velásquez and Camila Álvarez, third and second year students of Degree in management Applied, have been elected respectively delegate and subdelegate of ISSA School of Applied Management

Andrea Velásquez is from Pamplona and is in third grade. She describes herself as outgoing and attentive to details. She likes communication, especially in fashion. This year she repeats as a delegate of the School of ISSA School of Applied Management for the second time. Camila Alvarez comes from Mexico City and is in her second year. She considers herself a dedicated and disciplined person, who is passionate about what she does, like the soccer team she belongs to. She is interested in marketing and public relations. 

For this course they have proposed to make known and highlight the identity of the School. For them it is very important that the first year students feel welcomed and accompanied in this new stage. They know firsthand that entering the University can be a difficult time, full of uncertainty, so they would like to make a program to welcome new students, as is done in other Schools. 

They are well aware that their role as delegates entails being the voice of ISSA School of Applied Management. What they like most about undertaking this work is being able to serve others: "If you are here, it is because you like to help and solve conflicts". They have tools and rely on the course advice of the rest of the School to carry out their role. 

In their task of representing the School they will be supported by the rest of the course councils, which have been formed as follows for the 2023/2024 academic year:


Delegate: Laia Bononad
Deputy: Imanol Tapia
Counselor: Sonsoles Fernández
Counselor: Alaia Gómez
Board Member: Marien Jiménez
Board Member: framework Ferrer
Board Member: Gaizka Arotzarena


Delegate: Camila Álvarez Sosa
Subdelegate: Jimena Núñez Cantu
Board Member: Camilo Cambronero
Board Member: Leyre Carrascosa
Board Member: Ana Blanco


Delegate: Andrea Velásquez
Subdelegate: Lucía Pérez de Ciriza
Board Member: Bosco Goicolea
Board Member: Saioa Moreno


Delegate: Marta Luzán
Deputy: Paula Albizu
Counselor: Ana Moreno-Calvo
Board Member: Cecilia García Núñez
Board Member: Miren Aznárez