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The VI edition of the degree program of the Brave raises 17,500 euros for the Children Against Cancer Program.

The degree program, organised by the University of Navarra, was held for the first time in a face-to-face and virtual format and brought together 2,000 "brave people".

/degree program of the Brave 2022

10 | 02 | 2022

More than two thousand people took part in La degree program of the Brave, organised by the Sports Service University of Navarra. The on-site event brought together families from all over Pamplona on the morning of Sunday 7, starting with the races for the youngest children and finishing with the 5km, 10km and 5km walk


Those who ran it from home could do so throughout Sunday. This allowed people from other cities in Spain, such as Guadalajara, Logroño, Palencia, Madrid, Badajoz, Murcia and Seville to sign up. In total, 17,500 euros have been raised for the Children Against Cancer programme of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra.

"More than a degree program, it is a party. It is one of the events that most fills us sports people, because the important thing is not so much the degree program but the cause that you support. We look after it with great affection because it is more than just sport. We live it in a very special way", said Javier Trigo, director of the University's Sports Service .

partnership The degree program also had the support of Caixabank, Fundación Caja Navarra, Campus Home, Fundación "la Caixa", B2 Visual, the Federación Navarra de Atletismo, and Esquí, design and speech visual.

The goal of Children Against Cancer is to continue working to end childhood cancer. The research is core topic both to make progress in curing childhood tumours and to improve current treatments and reduce the sequelae that may limit the quality of life of these children in the future. In addition, Niños contra el Cáncer also supports families so that they can access specific treatments for the tumour.


800 metres children
1st Javier Romanzado
2nd Diego Moreno
3rd Juan Bosco

800 metres girls
1st Candela Flores
2nd Iria Grandas
3rd Leyre Zabalza

1000 metres children
1st Rubén Gómez
2nd Asier Barbarin
3rd Patrick Loayza

1000 metres girls
1st Maite Beregaña
2nd Saioa Recasens
3rd Laura Allo

Women's 5km
1st Maite Beregaña 0:20:38
2nd Saioa Recanses Artazcoz 0:21:39
3rd Laura Allo Fernández 0:22:23

Men's 5 km
1st Pablo Lassa Toba 0:16:50
2nd Íñigo García Gabari 0:17:00
3rd Xabier Echarte Ripa 0:17:06

women's 10 km
1st Ainara Alcuaz Rodríguez 0:38:59
2nd Elena González Alaña 0:42:43
3rd Ana Marcotegui Barber 0:43:38

Men's 10 km
1st Lawrence Kawagga 0:33:59
2nd Héctor Iturria Cumba 0:34:12
3rd MIkel Fernández Acha 0:34:15