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The University is ranked 31st in the world in the QS Ranking area for 'Theology and programs of study on Religion'.

The academic center is among the top 100 in five other areas: Business Management and Administration, Accounting and Finance, Philosophy, Nursing and Communication.

The QS World Ranking by Subject 2024 ranks the University of Navarra 31st in the world in the area of Theology and programs of study on Religion (Theology, Divinity & Religious Studies). The academic center also ranks among the world's top 100 in five other subjects: in Business Management and Administration (27th in the world), in Accounting and Finance (53rd), in Philosophy (ranked 51-100), in Nursing (51-100) and in Media Communication and programs of study (51-100).

In addition, portal places the University in first place in Spain in Accounting and Finance, Communication, Philosophy and Nursing, tied with other universities in these last three cases; and in second place in Theology and programs of study on religion and in Business Management and Administration.

Globally, the University of Navarra is especially strong in the areas of Social Sciences (it is 65th in the world in the whole of area and first in Spain) and Arts and Humanities (182). It is ranked in 18 of the 55 possible subjects, in which it places the six already mentioned among the top 100, two among the top 200 (Economics andEconometrics -ranking 151-200 in the world- and Law -ranking 101-150-) and four among the top 300 universities in the world(Modern Languages -in which it makes its debut-, Medicine, Psychology, Pharmacy and Sociology -also for the first time-, the first three in the 201-250 range and the last two in the 251-300 range). In addition, the University of Navarra is also ranked for the first time in Agriculture and Forestry (both in rank 301-350). Mechanical Engineering (both in rank 301-350), and repeats in Biological Sciences, in the same rank. 

According to Secundino Fernández, Vice President of Office of Academic Affairs of the center, "the fact that the University of Navarra is classified in a wide range of areas indicates our generalist character". "The fact that we also stand out worldwide is an incentive to continue working on excellence professor and research," says Vice President.

The QS ranking by area assesses the reputation among employers and academics based on reputation surveys; as well as the impact, volume of the research and international networks, taking the data from the Scopus database. QS evaluates universities in five broad areas (Arts and Humanities,Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences and Medicine, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences). In total, the ranking includes more than 1,500 universities from 92 locations around the world, after analyzing almost 5,000 academic centers.