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Back to 2023_10_10_CEJE_Una fuga por el frente republicano. Álvaro del Portillo durante la guerra civil española

An escape through the Republican front. Álvaro del Portillo during the Spanish Civil War.

In the new episode of the podcast 'Fragments of History', researcher and mountaineer Antonio Hacar narrates the escape of Alvaro del Portillo and two young members of Opus Dei.

10 | 10 | 2023

In the last stretch of the Spanish Civil War, on October 9, 1938, three young members of Opus Dei, Álvaro del Portillo, Vicente Rodríguez Casado and Eduardo Alastrué Castillo, decided to cross the front lines to meet with family, friends and the founder of Opus Dei.

This event is recounted in detail by researcher and mountaineer Antonio Hacar in the podcast "Fragments of History". Hacar dives into the lives of these young men and sheds light on the meticulous preparations for their escape, the challenges they faced on their journey and the help they received to achieve their goal.

Listen to the full audio here.