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Logic and Philosophy of Language, thirtieth book in the University of Navarra's ISCR Manuals collection.

José Ángel García Cuadrado, professor at the School Eclesiastic Philosophy Department, is the author of the publication edited by EUNSA.


11 | 06 | 2021

José Ángel García Cuadrado, professor of the Ecclesiastical Philosophy Department at School , has published Lógica y Filosofía del lenguaje, the thirtieth book in the "Colección Manuales ISCR" of the Instituto Superior de Ciencias Religiosas published by EUNSA.

Book cover
As García Cuadrado explains, "the goal of these pages is modest, but important: to help sharpen the critical sense both in one's own argumentation and in that of others. In this way, one will be in a position to contribute to the rigour of the discussion. In addition, this short text aims to establish the foundations for a student of Theology to be able to fruitfully cultivate the science of God".

He stresses that, according to a classic definition, man is a rational animal: "Rationality distinguishes us from other beings, by which we can know the truth and direct our freedom in accordance with it. But the exercise of reason has its rules: if they are followed correctly, they lead us to the truth; but if we misuse them, we will arrive at error or falsehood.

In this sense, he affirms that Logic, "without being the most important philosophical discipline , is an essential instrument for growing in the knowledge of truth". He also points out that the philosophy of language went hand in hand with logic for many centuries: "The laws of logic were discovered and analysed in a specific language , because thought is expressed through language. With language we communicate the truth, we grow in wisdom and we strengthen social bonds, because we share not only the truth of things, but also our ethical or religious values".

José Ángel García Cuadrado is Full Professor at the Ecclesiastical School of Philosophy of the University of Navarra, of which he has been Dean. graduate in Philology Hispánica (University of Valencia); graduate and doctor in Philosophy by the Ecclesiastical School of Philosophy and by the School of Philosophy and Letters (University of Navarra). accreditation of Full Professor issued by the AQU. His research has focused on the Spanish Philosophy and the Philosophy of man: he has published numerous books, translations and articles in specialized journals. Member of the high school of programs of study Hispanic Modernity of the University of the Balearic Islands.

The "ISCR Manuals Collection" is aimed at parents, catechists and formators, teachers of religion or professionals from different fields who feel the need to improve their own formation.

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