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Back to El Congreso Internacional de Láser de alta precisión arranca en San Sebastián

The congress International High-Precision Laser Competition kicks off in San Sebastián

11 | 06 | 2024

Next Tuesday, June 11, will kick off the 25th anniversary of the World Laser High Precision Microfabrication Conference congress , organized by the technology center Ceit at the Kursaal in San Sebastian.

More than 230 people from countries such as Japan, Germany, USA, France and China, among others, will attend LPM2024, whose goal is to provide a forum for discussion and partnership on laser microfabrication, future technologies and the laser market.

Leading companies in the industry such as Direct Machining Control, Lasea, Ekspla, Lasing, PI Micos, Light Conversion or n2 Photonics are sponsoring the congress.

Miniaturization and high precision have become fundamental requirements in numerous industrial processes and product manufacturing. In this context, the use of laser microfabrication approaches has become core topic for academic community and industry. The International Symposium on Laser Precision Microfabrication (LPM) has established itself as a world leading congress in this area and has been held in countries such as Japan, USA and Germany for 25 years passing through cities such as Kyoto or Washington DC.

25th anniversary of the congress

The 25th anniversary of congress, which will be attended by more than 230 scientists, end users, laser manufacturers and industry experts from around the world, will be held next week, June 11-14, at the Kursaal in Donostia-San Sebastian, under the degree scroll LPM2024. The technology center Ceit has been the manager of the organization of congress, whose goal is to provide a space for discussion for the fundamental aspects of laser-subject interaction and the current state of laser materials processing.

LPM2024 is expected to play a crucial role not only in understanding the fundamental knowledge of precision laser microfabrication, but also as a forum for discussion of future laser microfabrication technologies and their application in the marketplace.

More than 190 papers

During the four days of congress, more than 190 papers will be presented on 20 different topics within high precision lasers, such as 3D micro and nano fabrication, medical and biological applications, advanced laser processing or ultra-short pulse laser processing.

In addition, the event will feature three special sessions: "Horizon Europe: Towards excellence in laser microfabrication through EU projects", "Success stories of micrometer-resolution laser applications in industry" and a special session dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the LPM.

27 sponsoring and collaborating companies

Together with Ceit, the congress is organized by its founder: the association Japanese JLPS (Japan Laser Processing Society). In addition, the congress counts as sponsor with the leading companies of the sector, DMC (Direct Machining Control), Lasea, Ekspla, Lasing, PI Micos, Light Conversion, n2 Photonics, Photonlines, JMMP-MDPI, Sensofar, Innova Scientific, Fotónica 21 and LIME. Collaborating organizations include BRTA (Basque Research Technology Alliance), Aimen Centro Tecnológico, Secpho, Tekniker la Universitat de Barcelona, Tecnun- Universidad de Navarra, Photonics 21 and EPIC.

Institutional support

LPM2024 will be held thanks to the support of the San Sebastian City Council, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, the Basque Government and Convention Bureau San Sebastian.