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The University, issue 1 in Spain and 61 in the world in the QS 2019 Employability Ranking

The ranking classifies the top 500 universities in the world in this field, including 14 Spanish universities.

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Students at a forum of employment held at area de Ciencias. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
11/09/18 10:06 Maria Salanova

The University of Navarra is ranked issue 1 in Spain and 61st in the world in employability, according to the QS International Ranking 2019. This is the fourth consecutive time that it has achieved the first position at the national level in this study, where the top 500 universities in the world in employability appear, among them only 14 Spanish universities.

In preparing the ranking, led by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), QS takes into account five indicators: employer reputation (what employers think), graduate results ( employment rate rate), agreements with employers, employer-student connections, as well as the success of graduates during their professional degree program and the relevant positions they occupy. The study analyzes 660 universities - 10% more than in the previous year - and ranks a total of 500 universities.

The University of Navarra is positioned as Spain's leader in two of these indicators: the opinion that employers have of graduates and their attitudes; and the connection between employers and students, a criterion that considers the issue of employers who visit the campus and offer information, internship opportunities, as well as a first employment to students.

Transfer of university talent to society

According to Roberto Cabezas, director of Career Services of the University of Navarra, "being for the fourth consecutive year issue one of Spain in employability is result, first of all, of the quality of our students and their ability to contribute to the professional development of their work environment".

He also highlights "the University's effort to offer a good training for the employment, a rigorous accompaniment in the professional development of students and alumni, and the building of solid bridges between the academic world and the business world".

"We have redoubled our efforts in training in competencies through the Skill Training Program for students, also in the individual preparation of students to face selection processes, and in better tuning in to the demands and needs of companies," he stressed.

In his opinion, "this position in an international study as relevant as QS Employability reinforces the commitment of the University of Navarra to continue working on the transfer of university talent to society".