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''Without science there is no culture''

Civican hosts a series of four talks on Chemistry in daily life, Medicine and genome, film gardens and urban fauna.

12/01/12 15:57
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Scientific topics occupy an increasing place in the media. PHOTO: Manuel Castells

The School of Sciences of the University of Navarra and the Caja Navarra Foundation have organized a series of talks in the Civican auditorium with the goal to bring various aspects of Science to the general public, under the degree scroll "Without science there is no culture".

The conferences, which will take place on Fridays January 13, 20 and 27 and on Friday February 3 at 19 30 h., will begin tomorrow with the discussion paper 'The Chemistry, a natural science', to position of the doctor in Chemical Sciences José Ramón Isasi, director of the department of Chemistry Organic and Soil Science.

The expert will discuss how and why public opinion associates Chemistry with the artificial and toxic. "At the same time, questions will be raised such as: where did each and every raw material come from, is there any substance that is not Chemistry? In addition to showing the Chemistry that surrounds us in the natural world, the possibility of a world without Chemistry and how scientists of the 21st century must achieve a sustainable Chemistry if they want to maintain current conveniences", explains Dr. Isasi.

The following conferences of the cycle
- Friday 20 January, 19.30 h.
Medicine and genome: the future is already here
With Javier Novo, Professor of Genetics Human at the University of Navarra and science popularizer

- Friday 27 January, 19.30 h.
Movie gardens
With Fernando Echarri, PhD in Environmental Education and Adjunct Professor of the University of Navarra

- Friday 3 February, 19.30 h.
Animals that surround us (except humans)
With Enrique Baquero, PhD in Biology and Environment by the University of Navarra, and Professor of Zoology and Entomology

To attend to these conferences it is necessary to have the corresponding invitation. Invitations can be collected from one hour before at the information service of Civican (Avenida de Pío XII issue 2, Pamplona).