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Conchita Iglesias, former administrative assistant of the department de Human Physiology

She worked for 32 years at the School of Medicine and was the administrative assistant staff of Juan Jiménez Vargas, first Dean

12 | 01 | 2023

In the early hours of January 12, Conchita Iglesias, former administrative assistant of department of Human Physiology, died in Pamplona at the age of 94. A native of Segovia, she studied at high school program in Madrid in 1947 and was a teacher at the School of Arts and Crafts. She joined the University in 1961, where she combined the management management assistant with scientific correspondence in English, the management of the Library Services of the department and the work bibliographic review in other libraries. In addition, she was the administrative assistant staff of Professor Juan Jiménez Vargas, first Dean of the School of Medicine. In 1973 she obtained by civil service examination a place as assistant of research in the CSIC, a position she combined with her work in Pamplona until her retirement in 1993.

"I met Conchita at the beginning of the 1981/1982 academic year, when I started my second year at the School of Medicine and was admitted as a student intern at the department of Human Physiology with Don Juan Jiménez Vargas," recalls Dr. Secundino Fernández, Vice President of Office of Academic Affairs. "She was, above all, a woman of mission statement: she had it very clear and never missed an opportunity to transmit and remind all of us who passed through department of the opportunity and responsibility we had working at project of the University of Navarra. As the years went by, in the short or long meetings we had, he kept reminding us of this, while at the same time he was interested in our families and our progress staff and professional progress. It was something he did with everyone.

"Of course, Conchita commanded a lot and she commanded well, she went ahead and made sure that everything was in order and worked, she facilitated the work of everyone, teachers, students, technicians. Always in a good mood, she generated a friendly atmosphere without lowering the demands. For many he has been and will continue to be a clear reference in the University".